Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a Peach!

After Heather and I's visit to the farmer's market yesterday, we had lots of beautiful fresh produce we were anxious to sample. Once Travis got out of work we headed over to the Hills' place to grill.

As you know, I love to take photos of our niece Lily. She has all kinds of fun faces these days. Such a little peach!

(We got her that shirt from Austin, Texas when we went to visit my brother!)

(Lily and Aunt Joanne on the swing!)

(Me and two of my favorite ladies)

For dessert, Travis grilled peach halves, and we ate them with vanilla ice cream on top. They were delicious! He added something to them - brown sugar maybe? - to caramelize them a little bit. Yum! Peaches!

Today and tomorrow Heather and Anthony are out of town at Anthony's high school reuinion. That means that I'm taking care of my husband, our dog, two cats, four kittens, and Lily. Quite the brood! Check back tomorrow to check out pictures and stories of Lily's weekend with Aunt Joanne and Uncle Travis!

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