Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Kitty Cats

I realized that while I am always telling stories about and posting pictures of Bella, I don't give my kitties much online-lovin' - and that just won't do! Here they are...

I got Oliver from Animal Control in Kalamazoo in 2004. He is the most acrobatic cat I know! He can jump ridiculously high, which comes in useful now that we have Bella and he likes to stay out of her way! Oliver can be found laying at the bottom of my feet in bed each and every night without fail. He's very vocal, and can certainly get into mischief. When he was a kitten he used to play fetch like a dog! Oliver has been through a lot with me and I love him!

Beyonce came from a rescue. I vowed that the first thing I would do once I adopted her was to change her name, but she's such a little diva that it ended up sticking. Nowadays we call her "skizzy" as a nickname - she is super flighty. I never intended on having another cat, I just came across her at a pet store where they were holding animal adoptions. She had a cold and her owner had had to give her up so she needed some love. As she gets older she's getting cuddlier and cuddlier, and is ironically the more tolerant of the two cats in regard to Bella!

Travis, although not originally a cat person, has developed a little soft spot for the two of them. So much so that he wants his "own" cat. A baby solid grey, short hair with green eyes. But don't tell him I told you so! : )


Katie Faye said...

Your kitties are adorable! I have always been very allergic to them, so no cats for us. :( But I always want to take one home when we drop by Petsmart on Saturdays (when they bring in the rescues). They are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

They are too cute! I rescued all of mine. I'll have to post some pictures of them. I love hearing about people that rescue the kitties from the shelters!