Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend at South Haven

We had a great long weekend in South Haven celebrating the end of summer. The days were filled with games of washers, kayaking in the new kayak, and teaching the puppies to swim while the nights were filled with bonfires and conversation. We're so lucky to be able to spend time at the lake -- and will sure miss these weekends once the snow begins to fall! We have several busy weekends ahead, with Stacy and Mike's Wedding, Jeff and Kelley's Wedding, a visit to my folks in Tecumseh, and then the big move (the seller's have agreed to make the repairs we asked of them and we are still moving forward!) - so this weekend really was our last summertime weekend in South Haven for 2008.

Beaching it with Seth and Kelly

Cousin picture!

Bella's first swim in the lake...

Seth and Kelly trying out the kayak!

Sunset on the beach

Gus and his ladies!

Playing washers

The kayak's maiden voyages!

Grilling some dogs at sunset on the beach

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