Monday, September 15, 2008


You know, I kept saying that everything would be so much calmer after the wedding -- I was so WRONG! It seems that everything just keeps getting busier and busier!

We're spending three of the four weekends in September on the East Side of the state. We've spent time with family, attended weddings, and had the opportunity to catch up with some good friends. This past weekend, we got to spend time with both Alison and Noah, and Meg and Matt. We are so lucky to have such great friends - and wish that they lived closer so that we could see them more often!

The house-buying process is moving right along! As far as we know, we're on track to close October 1 -- if not before! I've been wanting to post photos of the house but didn't want to jinx anything while negotiations were still in process! At this point I think it's safe enough to post an exterior photo at least, so here it is! We can't WAIT to finish up with all of the paperwork and hoop-jumping and actually move in!

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Erinn said...

Goodluck! I love the picture. The house looks wonderful. :)